Courtney VanDyke

Pet-Parent / Photographer

I've loved photography since I can remember, but I didn't realize I only liked furry subjects. I was in an extra-curricular photography class in elementary school and I can remember going to parks and zoos. I LOVED it! Then they wanted us to do photos of each other, and I just wanted to head back to the zoo! The years passed and cameras were upgraded. A photography class was given to me as a Christmas present. Great! I can learn some new stuff as an adult. The class was for wedding photography. Well let’s just say that at least I was still able to learn about my new camera! I came home and started snapping pictures of all my furbies and haven’t put the camera down since!



Cat / Queen of the House / Sandy Rescue

This lil girl came to me through Facebook. My brother’s co-worker found her and some siblings in a chipper truck right after Super Storm Sandy! At that point they were too young to be taken away from their mama so they were let go and a few weeks later a trap set. Frankie was the first lucky one! I came home the night she was saved, to her being in a carrier on my porch spitting and spatting at every movement I made. I wrapped in a towel & spoon fed her and gave her all the love I could. I’m pretty sure I won her over; the fact that I can’t leave a room without her in toe kinda gives it away! Why "Frankie"? - Mom dubbed her for Frank Sinatra because of her baby blues!


Dog / Spoiled Furchild / An Oops! Litter

This lil man also came to me through Facebook! I was just browsing one night and I see this tiny lil fur ball - eyes still closed, in the palm of someone’s hand - come across my screen, . The poster’s Chinese Crested female and Chihuahua male had a romantic evening before a very important vet appointment! I immediately messaged that I wanted “Oreo”, as he was dubbed because of his markings. A few weeks later I went to meet him and so started the most special bond I have ever had. Why “Guinness”? - Well, I work full time for a beer distributor. The Friday after I met him we had a meeting about Guinness – and it just stuck! 

The two of them were my first subjects and were the real start to My Spot! I have to thank my mother for the gentle push; my roommate for the late nights of advice and insight; my friends for letting me vent through the rough patches and of course take photos of their pooches!


Photobucket Instagram - Winter Pets 2013


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